Our Mission:

Provide scholarships for higher education to aspiring students from developing nations that face mobility challenges, both physically and economically. We believe that education is the key to economic mobility. Your donations make an impactful opportunity for our scholars and their families. 

Founded in the loving memory of humanitarian, Laurie Schoendorfer, this non-profit endowment provides educational opportunity for impoverished students with mobility-related disabilities in developing nations. Co-Founder of Free Wheelchair Mission, Laurie devoted her life to helping people through community and humanitarian service and career in the Social Security Administration.


Laurie was a firm believer that an education is the most important investment a person can make, and was herself a scholarship recipient. This Endowment creates opportunity for individuals that had never dreamed of being able to pay for college.  She was also a generous humanitarian, who dedicated service to helping those who needed it most. In her memory, we seek to empower our scholars to become leaders, changing and shaping the way communities consider equality for professionals with mobility-related disabilities.

Had it not been for scholarships, neither Laurie or I would have had the benefit of a formal education, and there would never have been a Free Wheelchair Mission.  This endowment will help eliminate the discrimination of people with mobility disabilities.

-Don Schoendorfer

Laurie’s husband and co-founder of Free Wheelchair Mission.

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