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 Beyond Access for Mobility

Laurie's Scholars is in the service of changing and shaping the way communities consider equality for professionals with mobility-related disabilities. Through the work of Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM), select Partners will refer potential scholarship candidates to us. Based on their goals and acceptance into a university or trade related school, we will provide funds for them to fulfill their educational journey.

Laurie's Scholars  pays the tuition, room and board to accepted scholars meeting these qualifications:

  • Live in a developing nation (currently only accepting candidates residing in Vietnam, Peru and Uganda)

  • Has a mobility-related disability and has received a wheelchair due to medical need and low income

  • Referred to the Endowment by one of the FWM’s distribution partners

  • Have been accepted into an accredited local university or trade school

  • Are unable to pay for the tuition and costs to receive a secondary educational degree

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