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Meet Our LSEE Scholars from Peru

Juan Jose


Automotive Electrician, Peru

Juan Jose is 24 and living in Lima, Peru. He was a taxi driver studying to become a mechanical engineer at age 19, when he was injured and his life was forever changed. He was driving through a rough neighborhood and got caught in the midst of gang rivalry. The bullets punctured his spine and he has since been confined to a wheelchair and is now a paraplegic.

He has not let his disability get in the way of his career as he has continued to work tutoring students in math and figuring out how to adapt his vehicle so that he can drive to his job at a factory. It is his dream to complete his engineering education and since receiving a wheelchair he is “empowered and motivated by God’s love”.

March 9th, 2019 was his first day attending classes at the Instituto Avansys. Since then he has completed the course successfully and is currently working using his knowledge. He is enthusiastic about this opportunity and is considering continuing his education. We look forward to helping him attend a university in Mechanical Engineering.

Juan April 2019.jpg

“Hello! First of all thank you very much, in these weeks I have learned a lot, as in the type of circuits, the use of the multitester and the assembly circuits in real platforms. I feel very well, I have all the courage and the impetus to learn and be a good automotive electrician and later to be an automotive engineer. Thank you very much friends of LSEE, God bless you enormously!”

Juan Jose Class.jpg
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