Meet Our LSEE Scholars

There are certain character traits that we seek in potential LSEE Scholars: 

Leadership, Ambition, Perseverance, and the Hope for making a positive difference for people with disabilities (PWDs) in the work force. These are the unifying characteristics between all of our scholars that shine above their differences. Different individuals, with one motivation to "provide for myself and my family" and to show others that "I am still an equal professional despite my physical disability".


Each scholar has the ambition and courage to overcome the challenges stereotypes and barriers unique to PWDs in their communities. Their respective countries still struggle with laws regarding disability rights for equal protections, safe access to buildings, and discrimination against PWDs. We seek to empower our scholars to become a leader for their local community by showing others that they too are capable and deserve equality.


LSEE has funded 9 scholars from 3 countries, Vietnam, Uganda & Peru, and in the process of reviewing additional scholars. Each student has their own story, and we encourage you to read on and get to know more about their lives, background, motivations and challenges.

Meet Our Scholars

Four Scholarships

Four Scholarships

One Scholarship

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